Cindy Milner, 
Children's Director  


Born?  December 30 in Dothan  

Married to & Years?  Don for 24 years 

Where did you meet your spouse?  We were actually a blind date.  I worked with a girl that her husband worked with Don. 

Children?  Aaron is 21 and Sarah is soon to be 16.  We also have 3 chihuahuas: Caesar, Amelia & ChiChi.  And, Molly the cat. 

FBCC Anniversary Date?  March 2, 2002 

Education?  On the job training!  I was extremely shy & would not go to college.  I did attend some night classes for a few semesters at Wallace College in my 20's. 

First Job?  My first job was working in a restaurant my family & another family owned together for about a year or so but I had too much fun to call it a job.  My first real job after I graduated Dothan High School was working at The Dothan Eagle (the newspaper in Dothan).

When did you invite Jesus into your heart?  I attended Southside Baptist Church and our MusicMinister, Allen Collette, took our youth to Kolomoki Camp every summer.  When I was 12 I acceptedChrist into my heart at camp. It was not until I was 30 until I let Jesus be Lord of my life. 

What is on your iPod?  I have a Sony MP3 player and as soon as my kids show me what music they have put on it and how to work it I will let you know what's on it! 

Favorite Song / Hymn?  My favorite song right now is by Mandesa & it is "He is With You". 

Favorite Movie?  National Treasure 

Hobbies?  I like to paint with watercolor pencils but pretty much any kind of crafty thing. 

Favorite Vacation Point?  My sister's beach house. 

Favorite Verse?  Ecclesiates 3:1-8 

What do you enjoy about your ministry position?  There are so many things I enjoy!  VBS is my favorite week of the year.  I love to have children come up and hug me.  It's great when I see a child someplace like Wal-mart or at a ballgame and they are excited to see me.  The most awesome thing I enjoy is when I have the privedge of talking & praying with a child about accepting Christ as their Savior.  I love to help adults find a place where they can serve in our Children's Ministry, a place where they feel they are where God wants them to be.  I am humbled every single time I pull into our parking lot, walk into the door & into my office.  I am humbled that God & you allow me to serve in this position at our church.


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