Worship at FBCC

We at First Baptist believe that individuals need to worship God.  It is in worship that we commune with
Him, grow in Him, respond to Him and offer praise and thanksgiving to Him.  This communication with
God is something that He desires and we need. 
Because we are all different and unique people, we all communicate a little differently.  That is why we
offer a variety of experiences in our worship.  With a variety of music, drama, videos, and preaching,
our goal is to speak to each person uniquely and allow them to communicate to God in this same manner. 
We have chosen to use a blended service to do that, where we experience traditional hymns and music
as well as more contemporary styles.  This allows us to meet the needs of all of church members in one
corporate worship service.  Here we can learn to worship and fellowship together as one community of
Christ.  This is the design of God’s Kingdom and we want to follow in that same pathway.  We believe
now is the time for you to come and worship the Lord here at First Baptist.

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